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Rescue Air System

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The RescueAire Portable Air-Supply Systems are designed to meet the needs of the Rapid Intervention Teams (RITs) who use them.The versatility of the MSA RescueAire Systems allows the selection of the right system for the application. From the RescueAire with its 3-foot Quick- Fill® recharge hose to the unsurpassed feature-packed RescueAire II consisting of a lightweight Stealth™ carbon cylinder, a Quick-Fill emergency breathing system (EBS), an ExtendAire™ emergency breathing system and a Mask-Mounted Regulator (MMR) , supported by a flameand heat-resistant carrying harness (made from Nomex and Kevlar materials). 2 The RescueAire Systems allow firefighters to provide emergency breathing air in almost any situation quickly and easily. The flexibility of the RescueAire System allows RIT Rescuers to select the portable air-supply system best suited to provide emergency breathing air to trapped firefighters who have SCBA with compatible system(s). In addition, the RescueAire II’s MMR Regulator is designed to connect to MSA facepieces for maximum rescue capabilities. Built for the extreme conditions required by the Fire Service, the RescueAire Portable Air-Supply Systems can accommodate both low-pressure (2216 psig) and highpressure (4500 psig) cylinders. An optional-use shoulder strap provides hands-free carrying.