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Grundens Petrus HD 44 Hooded Jacket
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Grundens Petrus HD (Heavy Duty) Hooded Jacket is for professionals who prefer a knitted synthetic base fabric and a garment that has stretch characteristics.... More

Grundens Softshell Jacket WJ200
$134.30   $96.50

Fabric: Softshell is a unique fabric that offers the protection and abrasion resistance of a shell, with the soft and easy wearing of a fleece. These... More

Grundens Stormy Seas FSL1000 PDF Suspenders
$260.00   $242.10

Turn your Grundens bib suspenders into an inflatable personal floatation device (PFD) with the Stormy Seas FSL1000 Inflatable Yoke. These "Inflatable... More

Grundens Stormy Seas NP500 Inflatable Northpacific Jacket
$260.00   $238.05

This is the traditional jacket in any wardrobe. We've wrapped a 100% taslan nylon shell around our tough, fleece lining for a garment that is wind-resistant,... More

Grundens Stormy Seas V200 Inflatable Vest (Red)
$220.00   $195.30

The Stormy Seas longer vest is designed for all seasons to offer you a flexible piece of great gear. The 3-ply taslan nylon shell and polyester fleece are... More

Grundens Sund 760 Shirt
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Grundens Sund 760 Shirt Laminated combination of 100% stretchy, waterproof polyurethane and a knitted polyester fleece. This is the ultimate fleece... More

Grundens Sund 763 Fleece Pullover
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The Grundens Sund 763 Waterproof Fleece Lined Pullover Shirt features a new fabric technology - it's a laminated combination of 100% stretchy, waterproof... More

Grundens Weather Watch Hooded Jacket
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Grundens Weather Watch Hooded Jacket Waterproof, Breathable, Packable! The most durable packable raingear available today, the Grundens Weather Watch... More

Grundens Windbuster WP19 Waist Pant
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Fabric: Grundéns Wind Resistant (WindBuster) fabric is nearly windproof -- yet it is breathable. This combination of features provides lightweight... More

Halso 760 Pullover Shirt
$145.00   $122.48

Neoprene cuffs, waterproof sleeves, breast pocket. Fabric: Shirt--Beaver Nylon Twill; Sleeves--Ureethane-coated, knitted polyester